Pest Control Tips And Tricks From The Experts

The one thing that makes our skin crawl is the thought and sight of a bug, insect or other creature scurrying across your nice clean kitchen floor or crawling on your bedroom wall.  When we see one of these creatures, we instantly think there are millions more of them all over the place.  One of the most dangerous and destructive are carpenter ants woodburn or.

carpenter ants woodburn or

Ensure your food is covered

One of the main reasons a pest will come into your home is for the food.  Many insects will eat a wide variety of different types of foods.  Some will seek out human food where others will eat your home itself.  Those that eat your home itself seek out food and water at the base of your home.

Remove standing water

When we have standing water such as spills, flooded lawns and more, the insects and pests will use these as water sources and to lay their eggs.  When we remove this water they won’t have a place to go and will move on.  Also, if the water is touching your homes, it will begin to seep into your wood and concrete. This will eventually start to decay and mold your home.

Keep wood away from the home

Many pests like wood as a food source and a place to live.  If you have wood close to your home, they will use it as a way to gain entrance into your home.  You want to keep wood in a separate area of the yard on a cement slab or in elevated area. 

Use natural pesticides

When trying to kill off these pests you want to use natural chemicals and products whenever possible.  You don’t want to breathe in toxic fumes or other chemicals just to kill off insects.  Really focus on what products you use, read the labels and use as directed.