Month: August 2020

Prepping For First Home Improvement Project

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This could be your first home improvement project ever. Or, after a hiatus that could not be helped, home improvement projects binghamton work that had to be shelved previously can now be dusted off. Just to make sure that these projects will be successful going forward, do make sure that you are working with a qualified, registered and practicing contractor. Make sure that he has a good track record.

And of course, do make sure that he shows up on time. That, however, will merely be for the purposes of enjoying the first-time consultation. It is necessary for the pro contractor to have a direct impression of aspects of the property being considered for improvement in order to make an accurate assessment of what type of work may need to be done, as well as tailoring a suitable but attractive work proposal.

If the contractor is professional, he should have no hesitation to offer this consultation on a no fee basis. He is also not about to twist his potential customer’s arm. You should never be put under pressure to accept work that you may come to regret down the line. Even a follow-up consultation should be free of charge. At this stage, no foundations have yet to be laid. Professional contractors also like to give due consideration to what their customers could reasonably afford.

But under today’s circumstances, would they be required to drastically drop their prices in order to remain competitive in their respective industries? Quite possibly, and this should favor the budget-pressed homeowner who may have had to postpone all home improvement aspirations due to unforeseen circumstances. First-time renovators who have had to purchase second or third generation homes are also likely to be under financial constraints.

Controlling Ticks in Your Backyard

It is understandable that most families are spending even more time at their homes than they did before. Since you are home more often, you are likely going to find yourself in the backyard more as well. It is great that you and your kids are getting some exercise and sunlight. The problem is when you have some unwanted invaders in the yard, which can cause harm to yourself and your family.

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Ticks are some of the most frustrating critters, as they are so hard to spot. There are so many disease spreading ticks, and lyme disease is not something you can take lightly. A single tick bite could be a big issue for your kids, and it could even render you sick, especially if you let the problem linger.

Most people think only select ticks are dangerous, but there are so many species of ticks that can cause issues. It is why you must get in touch with professionals that handle tick control clinton. These pros know how to deal with the issue if you ever notice tick bites on yourself or anyone else in the house.

But what about preventive measures? Here are some steps you can take to protect your lawn in the meantime.

Start by cutting your grass short. Ticks, especially ones that transmit lyme disease, enjoy tall grass, as it creates a cooler environment for them to thrive. Three inches is the longest you should let your grass go.

It is also helpful if you make a mulch moat. Add a protective barrier of mulch around your yard to ensure the ticks are not getting into the property too easily. Mulch is hot and try, which is not something ticks enjoy. They will not try too hard to cross a barrier of mulch, as they can find someone else’s yard where such a barrier is not present.

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